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Sunday, April 30, 2006

This Man Was in Hell

I love Touchstone magazine. You should all subscribe to it and read every word. It is ecumenical in a good way. The writers are mostly Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican with a few Lutherans and occasional Protestant-types. Not that there aren't important doctrinal differences here. There surely are. But there is much common ground that Confessional Lutherans need to examine. This journal deals with issues of substance, both cultural and theological, from a refreshingly traditionalist perspective.

In any case, I just noticed that they've expanded their online archives. And since I'm terrible at keeping and organizing old magazine, this is good news for me.

I just located an old column that I recalled about a gay man studying to become an Episcopal priest. He says that he was in hell. The struggle between those in his church who were affirming his deviant behavior and his conscience which wouldn't stop pestering him. This is a valuable 5 minute read.

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