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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Glorious Pascha

Our Easter celebration this morning was wonderful! The choir sounded quite good. And I always enjoy the Hallelujah chorus. The trumpeter worked his lips to the bone. The smell of easter was everywhere as we had more lillies than I can ever recall having. The sun was shining. The breakfast btwn services was a success. Everything was bright white and gold and shiny and new. Even the big wooden cross from Good Friday was draped in white linen and surrounded by flowers.

But of course the thing that made it so wonderful is the fact that Jesus is alive. What a joy it was to baptize an adult woman today with her husband and three sons standing around her. Indeed she has been baptized into the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The sermon, well.... I strive to proclaim Jesus Christ clearly.

And then the Eucharist, the foretaste of the feast to come. As a shepherd one of my greatest joys is serving the saints with the body and blood of our Lord.

P.S. If any of yinz have a photo of the church from this morning, please ship it to me.

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1 comment:

Darrell said...

Happy Easter! He's alive! WE'RE alive!

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