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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vatican on the Crusades

OK, so we're not sorry? Actually, I think this is a positive development. It's good to read some historical balance for a change. On the Crusades.

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Andrew said...

It is indeed remarkable the history that some have forgotten.

In a mere one hundred years following the death of Mohammed, Muslim forces had occupied many formerly Christian territories, including all of Palestine and much of the Middle East, all of northern African (the lands of great Fathers such as Augustine and Athanasius), and even much of Spain.

Had not Charles Martel stopped Muslim conquest at Tours in 732 they may have taken Rome itself and crushed Western Christianity.

During the resulting period of inactivity on the western fronts Muslim forces spread eastward to the territories that remain Muslim today (as far east as India).

This is the infancy of Islam, the "religion of peace".

As we read history we should be shocked not by the Crusades themselves as invasions of freshly Muslim lands, but that Christians waited a few hundred years to wake up and defend their territories from conversions to Islam on the edge of the sword.

Carl said...

As I read this article and the reference to the movie, "Kingdom of
Heaven," I wondered how many people
that saw this p.c. garbage actually *believed* it? Anyone know of any "exit polls" regarding this movie?

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