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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jason McElwain, Human Being & Image of God

Chuck Colson has a good Breakpoint post about the autistic high school kid in New York who amazed the nation with his superior feats of basketball prowess recently. Here's a link.

I agree with Colson that we are living in a moral vacuum that is undermining the intrinsic value of human life. That sucking sound you hear is a child's brain being sucked out by the instruments of an abortionist.

With the advent of genetic screening, parents can now conceivably (pun intended) eliminate children from the womb who have defects or issues they don't want to deal with. The Netherlands is already blazing that trail for us.

Jason McElwain, all American boy, is autistic. What if he'd never had the chance to be born because some doctor convinced his parents their life would be better to abort the pregnancy and just try again?

Why aren't you more outraged by the holocaust taking place right now in our nation and around the world. How many wonderful, talented, beautiful people were not born today because they'd been dilated and curetagged? Every human being is precious. Every human being is valued in the eyes of God.

We must not evaluate a person on the basis of what he can or cannot do. We must not determine the relative worth of a human life on the basis of how productive we expect him or her to become.

If human life is reducible, in the end, to an economic commodity, then why are we wasting all the organic material that gets scraped from thousands of wombs everyday? At least the Nazis were consistent. To them, the Jews were not persons. So why not turn their hides into lampshades? We don't balk at using the skin of cows to make belts and shoes. What's the diff? If the fetus truly is just a blob of tissue, why don't we saved all the aborted whatevers and grind them up into nutritious cat food?

In fact, Jason McElwain reminds us that every human person is a wonderful creation of God. Bless his heart!

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Anonymous said...

Not to sound too pessimistic, but I don't believe our country will last another 5 yrs. the way things are going (or the world for that matter!) As it says in the Bible, the wicked will just keep getting more wicked. As people hear the Gospel and reject it their hearts will become hardened and that can only lead to a bleak, nihilistic society. Pray for the Lord's return soon!

The Heresy Hunter said...

I would recommend you put a link on your page to a new 35 minute drama available on DVD from Amazon called "A Distant Thunder." It's about a court case surrounding a botched partial-birth abortion. I just watched it yesterday. Fantastic DVD.

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