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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Beast Nails Law and Gospel

I urge you to go read this very fine post by The Beast. And please, write him an encouraging comment. He has, in my opinion, expressed clearly the way God's accusations and God's promises work together. Judgment and Mercy. Wrath and Grace. And how one w/o the other is lame.

He also picks up on one of the greatest blights on the American church: the Church Growth Movement. We are all in favor of the church growing. I didn't become a pastor because I want the church to shrivel and die. I take the mission of the church very much to heart, believe you me. But true spiritual growth is often not quantifiable. You can't count it. As one of my professors, tongue in cheek, said, "Numbers is not the only book in the bible." Sometimes, right preaching of the Word will cause the number of believers to increase. Other times, it will drive them away. After all, the cross is an offense to natural man.

As Mother Theresa said, "We are called to be faithful, not necessarily successful." And those who water down the message in order to put butts in the pews are not helping anyone. I tell people that we have got to get over this obsession with the A B Cs of church life (Attendance, Buildings, and Cash).

Let's keep the message straight. Let's get the message out. And then let's let the Holy Spirit do his job. Let God be God.

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1 comment:

Paul, in South Park said...

I thought the Beast's blog post was incredible. I have neither read nor heard preached from the pulpit such clear writing. I think it should be used as the centerpiece of many future sermons.

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