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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pro-"Choice" Position Is Heresy

A Roman Catholic bishop in Oregon has stated that it is heretical to be pro-abortion. See here. Of course, he's right. And here is why. It is impossible for a person to be both pro-choice and take the doctrine of the incarnation seriously. Jesus was conceived in the Virgin's womb by the Holy Spirit. So what was that in there? A blob of tissue? The eternal almighty Son of God became a sub-human blob of soul-less tissue? Yep, that's heresy alrighty.

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1 comment:

The Heresy Hunter said...

Unless I read it wrong, after reading the article, it sounds like the reason it is heresy in the bishop's view is because it's against church doctrine, not because Jesus, in the womb, wasn't just a blog of tissue. That may be the reason it's against church doctrine, but the heresy itself appears to be in the going against church doctrine.

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