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Monday, February 06, 2006

Enraged Hindus Attack Danish Market for Selling Cow Meat

Not really. My headline is bogus. But I wrote it to make a point. It is contrary to the Hindu religion to kill and eat cows. But they don't plot to murder me at the McDonald's drive thru lane. Nor do they burn down my consulate in Lebanon.

Christians consider it blasphemous to portray Jesus as a girlie-man, wimpie, California, surfer dude, in touch with his inner puppy. But to my knowledge, angry mobs of Presbyterians did not wear veils and carry banners saying "Go to hell" in front of the NBC headquarters over The Book of Daniel.

Jews consider pigs to be unclean animals. But the hasid did not threaten to behead anyone when British office workers had coffee mugs brandishing the image of Winnie the Pooh character Piglet. [See here.]

Jeff Jacoby, columnist at the Boston Globe, penned this satire:

HINDUS CONSIDER it sacrilegious to eat meat from cows, so when a Danish supermarket ran a sale on beef and veal last fall, Hindus everywhere reacted with outrage. India recalled its ambassador to Copenhagen, and Danish flags were burned in Calcutta, Bombay, and Delhi. A Hindu mob in Sri Lanka severely beat two employees of a Danish-owned firm, and demonstrators in Nepal chanted: ''War on Denmark! Death to Denmark!"In many places, shops selling Dansk china or Lego toys were attacked by rioters, and two Danish embassies were firebombed.

Why is it that the ONLY major world religion that routinely uses violence and the threat of violence against its adversaries is Islam?

For a good read, check out The Great Divide: The failure of Islam and the Triumph of the West by Alvin Schmidt.

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Anonymous said...

Well, actually there was some outrage and small riots in India by Hindu activists against McDonald's several years ago.

Anonymous said...

Christianity of course never uses violence, threats or terror. Oh, except for that little assasination threat by a leading national Christian leader a few months ago. And abortion clinic bombings. And the crusades in the name of Christ. But, let's just forget about our own log in the eye and just talk about other religions wrong doings.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Anonymous #2,
Uh, the fact that you had to reach back 800 years into history only proves my point.

And besides, the comparison is simply ludicrous. Consider the proportions here. Comparing the avalanche of violence coming from Islam since its inception to the instances you cite is... well, silly.

And finally, anonymous notes that are nice and friendly are OK, but if one is going to criticize, one should sign one's name.

The Heresy Hunter said...

The difference between what "Christians" have done or said regarding violence and what Islam does is that violence to spread the Gospel is against true Christian teachings. True Islam, on the other hand, advocates violence in order to spread. Excellent book by Dr. Schmidt. I was recently at a seminar on Islam he gave in Charlotte.

Ambrose said...

I am anon #1. I didn't check the right box so it showed anon instead of my blogger id. I don't like anon comments either.

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