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Saturday, January 14, 2006

"The Book of Daniel"

Have you heard about NBC's newest dramedy airing on Friday nights? It's got an impressive cast.

It's called The Book of Ishmael and it's about this suburban pill-popping Muslim imam named Ishmael who gets regular visitations from the prophet Mohammed. And the twist is that Mohammed is this cool, laid-back California prophet who specializes in snappy one-liners.

The show has raised a bit of a ruckus because Ishmael is a drug addict, his wife is an alcoholic, his daughter shows her ankles to the boys at school and his adopted Chinese son is really a transgendered gigolo with low self-esteem.

The fact that every devout Muslim in the world considers the show blasphemous is not a concern of the Network. Insiders say that before long, N B C will stand for No one Buys Commercials.

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Michael P. O'Connor said...

LOL, but just you want till some one slams you for be "intolorant" but your point is true, why is it ok to make fun of Christians but if you do it {insert your favorit non-Christian religion{ you are "intolorant" I hate double standards.

Darrell said...

LOL is right. What a great way to call them on their double standards. I suppose that NBC has made a pretty safe choice, though... Christians don't crash airplanes into the buildings of our ideological foes.

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