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Friday, December 23, 2005

Prayers for Professor Marquart

Dr. Kurt Marquart, a much beloved professor of mine, has recently been diagnosed with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. This is a serious and very unpleasant disease. And I am requesting prayers on his behalf and for his family.

I was a student of his during my years at Concordia Theological Seminary (1991-1995) in Fort Wayne, IN. His area of expertise is systematic theology or dogmatics. While I loved many of my professors and admired a number of them. Dr. Marquart is certainly one of my most loved and admired.

Professor Marquart is particularly gifted at being clear. And in the field of theology, you may not realize how important that is. He is able to take complicated subjects and explain them and their ramifications with clarity without oversimplification. He is also particularly skilled at being simultaneously witty and winsome as well as bold.

A number of Lutheran bloggers are commenting on Dr. Marquart, not to eulogize him as if his life were over, but to speak well of a man who has accomplised much, is accomplishing much, will continue to accomplish much and, I suspect, will always accomplish much for the Church.

His pastor, Rev. David Petersen, has these touching comments.

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