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Monday, December 12, 2005

Narnia Reviews

I have always loved C.S. Lewis (pictured left) and I'm delighted his The Chronicles of Narnia are receiving so much attention at present. I have not yet seen the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie, though I'm dying to. I offered to my son to pull him out of school to go see a matinee with me, but he didn't want to miss school. Weird. It's just that I hate getting a bad seat in these stadium style theaters which means that for popular films, I like going at off times or arriving very early. There are only a small number of decent seats in my opinion.

But anyway, the people I know who've seen it have liked it very much.

Here are a couple of other opinions.

Roger Ebert, Chicago film critic, appears to have liked it quite a bit.

And Rev. Paul McCain appears to have loved it.

I'm jealous. I want to see it right now. (sigh)

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Jane said...

I've never been a huge Narnia fan, but I found the movie very enjoyable.

And we ALWAYS get to the stadium-seat theater really early. We have to be among the first in the auditorium. There are only about three rows in which the middle five seats are just perfect for my kids and me. Anywhere else just won't do.

C.R.B. said...

Great film! The special effects were Awesome, esply Aslan! I think this is going to be around for a few weeks, hopefully at #1

scott adle said...

I thought it was excellent too. I went in cringing, thinking they could only screw it up, but I was very pleased. I would bet there will be another. I think one of the other books included the same four children. They'll have to move fast though--I read that the kid who played Edward has already grown several inches since they filmed this one.

Let me just add that it's a good time to be a fantasy fan--what with the Lord of the Rings series, the Harry Potter series (and the last film the best one yet), and the Narnia series all being made, and made well.

The only weird thing about the Narnia movie is that there is no blood. Anywhere. Even when they fight and pull a sword out of someone. I would guess it's to keep the rating at PG. Wonder if they'll do a director's cut for dvd. Even without it though, the fight scenes are very good. The first clash when they head for each other is quite a crash.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about a stupid seat just go and see it before it goes out of the cinema, it's great!!

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