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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Having an Abortion Makes Women Feel Bad

Why is this news? Apparently, a new study in Norway concludes that having an abortion causes women to experience long-term stress and anxiety - more so than women who've have natural miscarriages. Isn't that obvious to everyone? It seems to me that that's like reading a headline that says "snow is cold." I guess you'd have to be pretty ignorant about snow in order for that to be new information to you.

Of course, women who have abortions experience long term stress and anxiety. The study also says that they have to work hard for many years not to dwell on what they've done. Again, this can be explained very simply: a conscience.

Every single person in the world knows that abortion is wrong. They know it regardless of what they say or think. And that's because of a little thing known as natural law, the law of God imprinted on every human heart. It's one of those things that you can't not know. Killing your pre-born children is wrong. Even the simplest beasts of creation know that. And so does every woman who's ever borne a child in her womb.

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Michael P. O'Connor said...

Pastor check out this page it is a post I put up about how Planned Murderhood covered up a rape of a 11 year old child in CA.

LETS TALK said...

Yes it's wrong, but so to are the people who stand around crying that the person who does this is killing. God did not kill Cain when he murdered Abel. But we stand by killing those convicted of murder, in almost every state.
Look God knows each and every heart here on this earth and each and every one here must some day give account to God, not man. So lets try not to judge and just try to bring others over to God side as best we can without running them away because of the choice that they made or make in this life.
We are all Gods children, put here to help one another, and we cant do that if we stand in judgement of each other for the free choice that God gave all of us.

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