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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Swedish Pastor May Be Jailed for Sermon

According to this news report, a pastor in Sweden was arrested, tried and convicted for preaching this sermon. Unless he wins the appeal, he could face up to two years behind bars. What was wrong with the sermon? He stated (correctly) the biblical teaching that homosexuality is a sin. Do you think it'd ever be possible for that to happen in the U.S.?

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The Cubicle Reverend said...

I will have to read that. I do not usually pay attention to such sermons, but I have to admit, the way he words the Title of the sermon has me intrigued. Mind games and what not.

Great posts Pastor Scott.


Darrell said...

Pastor, that's terrifying. I'd really hope that such a thing couldn't happen in the US, and I'd like to be able to flatly say that, no, I don't think it ever would. Nonetheless, we've reached the point where disagreeing with a given group is seen as oppressing them.

I'm afraid that a great many people today misinterpret the first amendment, which simply states that congress shall not establish a religion. That's been perverted into the idea of "separation of church and state," and from there it was a short trip to the establishment of Secularism as our national religion. How long until preaching ideas that are counter to Secularism are illegal in this country? It doesn't seem like a ridiculous question to me.

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