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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Some Music I Recommend

Here are some CDs I've been listening to recently. I'm particularly obsessing over the Fiona Apple and Mindy Smith CDs right now.

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scott said...

I second the fiona apple choice. Different from her first two, but definately good. Haven't heard the Magnolia soundtrack, but I have a different Aimee Mann disc that I dig.

You may want to check out Beth Orton. My favorite is Daybreaker. She's also got a greatest hits collection, but I have all her discs seperately. Couldn't go wrong with it, I would guess.

Trop said...

The other Magnolia soundtrack, featuring the score by Jon Brion, is the music I turned to on the day my divorce was final. I was so sad and the middle track (#5: I've Got A Surprise For You Today)
reached into the depths of my own sadness and made my pain ache all the more.

The film is among my favorites. Tom Cruise gives an incredible performance.

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