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Monday, November 28, 2005

"Christ the Lord" by Anne Rice

I have been reading the new novel by Vampire Chronicler Anne Rice. Newly re-committed to her Roman Catholic faith, Ms. Rice has written an intriguing book told in the first person by a 7 year old Jesus. She has clearly done her research and presents her subject in a remarkably reverent, orthodox and interesting way. It is an enjoyable read. And believe me, I approached this with great skepticism.

Rather than writing a full review, I recommend you read what Dr. Gene Veith has written here at his Cranach Blog. He nails it on the head. He points out the perils inherent in trying to novelize the childhood of Christ the Lord.

My remaining criticism of the book is that Rice borrows slightly from ancient non-canonical tales of Jesus' youth. But as Veith points out, she does de-gnosticize them. Still, she does have Jesus performing occasional miracles.

It says in John 2:11, after the water-into-wine episode: "This, the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee." My understanding of that passage is that Jesus performed no miracles prior to the wedding of Cana.

I do recommend Anne Rice's book.

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The Cubicle Reverend said...

Do you think from this book that she has made a true conversion back to faith? I've read other "Gospels according tot he son" books and they tended to be used more as a way to explain away the miracles and life of christ. And not any real devotion to Christ.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

I was very pleasantly surprised by Rice's book. It does not try to explain away the divinity of Christ at all. I think it keeps a good balance. It affirms his humanity and his divinity. I definitely get the impression that this book comes from a genuine expression of faith and devotion. Read her interview in WORLD magazine, if you get the chance. I'll post the link later, but you could find it over Veith's article on the Cranach blog.

The Cubicle Reverend said...

I am very intrigued. Because when Norman Mailer wrote a gospel according to jesus he did it, and these are his words, in order to make the miracles more palatable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me to look for this book. I heard Living Jubilee's interview of Anne Rice. KFUO archived this show at
Ms. Rice not only discusses her book and witnesses to her Christian faith, but also gives some interesting insights into the minds of her Vampire fans. I couldn't stop listening and was sad when the half hour ended.
A blessed Christmastide to you and yours,
Jim Leistico
(on his way to see Narnia today)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the question should be, "What *kind* of Christian is Miss Rice; a liberal or conservative? I read somewhere (maybe it was in Christianity Today) that she is fully supportive of unrepentant gays full inclusion in the church and that she also supports gay marriage! FWIW

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

I have read the same things about her. And if true, I would be very disappointed in her. I would hope that her obvious respect for Scripture, the Church, and tradition would lead her to change her views.

But even if she were a heretic, THIS BOOK is still good.

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