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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Anne Rice's Website

If you have been reading Anne Rice's novel, Christ the Lord : Out of Egypt or if you have been reading about it, you might also be interested to discover that she has a website. Go here.

I don't share Ms. Rice's political views. And since she is Roman Catholic, I'm sure we'd disagree in certain areas of religious dogma. But I am listing reasons below that she and her writings are important for you to know about:

  • She is a huge force in American pop culture. She has millions of fans. She's written dozens of best-selling horror novels, selling close to 100 million copies. Several of her books have been made into blockbuster movies and plays.

  • She is a popular author because she is a skilled writer and storyteller. We must not underestimate the power which storytellers wield over a society.

  • She has undergone a very publicized re-commitent to the Roman Catholic Church. Many of the fans of her horror books and the erotica she's penned are unhappy about this.

  • Now she has written a book about the childhood of Jesus Christ. This was a bold undertaking since the canon of Christian scripture says next to nothing about this period of the Savior's life.

  • Undaunted by the risks, Ms. Rice has produced what I consider to be a vivid portrait of the life and ways of first-century Palestinian Judaism, a background which greatly illuminates the Gospels.

  • I would have made some different choices were I the author of Christ the Lord, but Ms. Rice has written a book that is orthodox, entertaining, and insightful.

  • Think of the millions of people who would perhaps never ever pick up to read a book about Jesus who will now read this, simply because of the author's fame. I believe that many people who are otherwise religiously indifferent could become captivated by the figure of Jesus and possibly, oh please, recieve a new or renewed faith.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, thanks for the website reference. Looks interesting. Do you think this book (like some of her books) will be transferred to the screen? I almost hope that it doesn't happen!

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Will they make it into a movie? I suppose that if someone thinks there is money to be made, it will be proposed. But I agree with you completely. This would not transfer well to the screen. On the one hand, it really doesn't have tons and tons of plot. I find that its strengths are setting and character. Also, so much of the richness of this book is the internal thoughts and questions of the boy Jesus. This is good in text, but less effective visually. My opinion.

I don't mind movies that are more mood-driven or character oriented that plot-driven. They can be excellent. Some of my favorite films have little plot. But in this case, I'd opt out.

The Cubicle Reverend said...


The Cubicle Reverend said...


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