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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

World Series Crisis: No Black Astros

People are complaining that there are no black players on the Houston Astros's lineup. See here. Apparently, this is the first time this has been the case for a World Series team in fifty years. Now I could understand the complaint if someone were alleging that qualified black players were being discriminated against and kept off the team on the basis of their race. That would be terrible.

But, as yet, no one has made that allegation. Even those who are complaining about the situation state that the cause is that the majority of black athletes are going into other sports, such as basketball and football.

The Astros general manager said,"I think it's a huge, huge problem for baseball." I'm just not seeing the point. Why is this a problem if we're not talking about discrimination? Are black athletes bad people for choosing other sports to pursue? There aren't a lot of African Americans playing professional hockey either. So what? How many Asian-Americans play football? What's the problem?

Baseball is a fine sport and an American tradition. And I'd be delighted to see plenty of talented African American players on every team. But are there not enough legitimate reasons for outrage in this world that we have to get stirred up over this?

HT: Bunnie Diehl

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Kurt Wall said...

Obviously, the point is that if the Houston Astros have no black players on the roster, then the Astros must have some problem. If I were Jesse Jackson, I'd be demanding something; if I were Louis Farakhan, I'd be explaining the US government's conspiracy to rid the United States of black people by keeping them of the Astros.

Or something. Sheesh. This is not a "huge, huge problem for basesball." It's just the way it is. But I bet you dollars to doughnuts it won't be that way next year. :-\

Bob Waters said...

Two words: Jose Vizcaino.

The author of that article should have done a better job of researching it.

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