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Friday, September 02, 2005

Freedom of Speech is Dead in Canada

Here is an article that says a Canadian youth minister faces criminal charges for writing a letter to the editor in which he stated that homosexuality is morally wrong and dangerous. He is being accused of something along the lines of hate speech and is going before a Human Rights Commission (what a joke). If found guilty, which he believes is likely, he will be fined and could possibly face time in jail.

I suspect that we'll be reading such stories in the U.S. before too long. Of course, we all believe in free speech - as long as you don't offend certain people. And we all believe in freedom of religion - as long as you keep it to yourself and it doesn't affect me.

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c.r.b. said...

"If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first."
John 15:18

Kurt Wall said...

What an apalling state of affairs. Perhaps the Canadian youth minister can file charges of religious persecution.

Darel said...


[1] This kind of this is happening quite frequently across Canada. The Catholic Bishop of Calgary was even threatened with being hauled in front of such a court before charges were dropped.

[2] The chances of a similar phenomenon spreading in the US are slim because we do not have the same kind of "hate speech" laws, nor more importantly do we have these quasi-judicial Human Rights Commissions which cannot sentence anyone but can levy fines. Of course, if you refuse to pay your fine, you can wind up in jail (as with all state-imposed fines).

That being said, there is notable corporate and university suppression in the US of speech critical of homosexuality. I know of no US courts bringing charges, however.

Beware "human rights commissions" of any kind. Keep the adjudication of law in actual courts where you have actual rights.


Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Good insights. I realize that we do not in the U.S. have the same hate speech laws, but I suspect it may not be long before we do.

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