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Sunday, August 21, 2005

On Being Mr. Critical

One reader made a thoughtful comment on one of my previous posts asking me about how I can point my finger at the errorists in other church bodies while my own denomination has plenty of issues as well. His comment was polite, yet challenging. And I thank him for it because I have been thinking about it since then. So I would like to take a moment to get a couple of things off my chest.

  • First of all, for the most part, in this blog I post commentary about current events, pop culture, and news from the international church scene. And just as a train wreck will get more coverage than a birth announcement, my commentary probably tends more towards negatives than positives. I don't think I'm a curmudgeon, but if that's how I come across, please grant your indulgence.

  • Secondly, I certainly do not believe that my church body (the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod) is perfect or free of problems. Oh, we have some doozies! Generally, however, I will refrain from directly addressing specific issues in the LCMS on this blog. For various reasons, I do not believe this blog is the best forum for me to air those matters. But don't think this means I avoid taking a stand when necessary. I do and I have and I will. But probably not on a blog. So when I nag or complain or rebuke others, it is not because I believe I am personally sinless or superior or that my own denomination is perfect.

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The Cubicle Reverend said...

Being the state of affairs as they are I can't say I blame you. Funny thing is if you look purely at numbers you'd think the church was thriving! But to look at the theology then that is another matter. I have been involved with these false teachings all they do is cause burn out and disillusionment. I went from name it and claim it, to uber-conservative, to uber-liberal. It is all dross. It's all about loving God through the revelation of Christ and loving others. Is that so hard?

Anonymous said...

I would reverse that and say, "It's all about God's love for me!" It is Christ's love for
sinners that is paramount, not my love for Him, which is always found wanting! Perhaps that, after all, is at the root of all of our problems in the Mo. Synod?

The Cubicle Reverend said...

It just seems to have become so convoluted and more difficult than it needs to be. I am working on a post about how we think too amouch about worship without actually doing it. On one sight I swear every week they add another post on the heart of worship, biblical worship, the proper way too worship. We have either gotten so trite or over convoluted that the message seems to have gotten lost.


Bob Waters said...

It's really easy. It's all about what God, in Christ, has done for us.

What complicates it is when we try to make it about ourselves. And that's what most of the "convoluted" stuff is all about.

Not so convoluted after all.

Kurt Wall said...

Not being LCMS, I'm hardly qualified to address its state of grace — the ELCA has its own issues.

No church body is perfect; this is most certainly true. It is unfortunate, though, that one cannot air legitimate criticism without someone else saying, in effect,
"Oh yeah?! Well, your church ain't exactly without spot or blemish, either!"

Honest critique and analysis is far different from mean-spirited finger-pointing and fault-finding. Pr. Stiegemeyer, your posts are the former, not the latter.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Thanks everyone for the interesting responses. And thank to Kurt for the kind reassuring words.

The Cubicle Reverend said...

Amen to that Kurt and Bob. Too true too true.

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