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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mega-Churches, II

A few days ago, I posted on the mega-church phenom. Then I noticed that Darrell, over at Southern Conservative, posted this very interesting bit on his and his wife's experiences. He was kind enough to link to me, so I thought the least I could do would be to return the favor. I want you read what he writes so that you won't think my post was just the product of a grumpy Lutheran pastor. Oh, I may be a Mr. Cranky-Pants every once in a while, but not this time.

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cwv warrior said...

I realize you are offering the shortened version of a church recommendation when you say, "gospel of Christ crucified" being central. My plea to all pastors I meet now is, there is so much more needed. I'd guess you know this. As i was just reading at Reformed Politics, compartmentalizing is big, even among Christians. There's the gospel, and then there's how we live. Two distinctly separate compartments...thus, Christians for Hillary!!! Secondly, the whole Word of God must be taught as authoritative.
I had a minister at a crumbling church (where we are still on the roll) tell me it is all about the cross. I refute that. It has to be God's Word, Christ Himself, the Word incarnate. The Church cannot afford to pick and choose our flavor.
Lastly, but not leastly, Christians need to get a clue on their worldview. This would combat the compartmentalizing. We have no idea how to apply the Law, except perhaps to our personal lives or family. How bout government, inalienable rights, education, Freedom, get the picture.
Well, I suppose I should have done this as my own post. Sorry if i rant.

Darrell said...

Hey, thanks for the link... I'm glad you found something worthwhile in that post. And as far as me linking to this blog... twernt' nothin'. This is one of the best blogs I've found in a while, and I'm glad to encourage people to read it. Thanks again, Pastor Scott!

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