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Saturday, August 27, 2005

ELCA Blogger to Check

I read (or scan) a lot of different blogs these days. The ones I tend to view daily are on my blogroll, but I have quite a number of other favorites.

Kurt Wall has been a regular reader/commenter on this blog for a bit. He has now ventured into blogging on his own. And I recommend you take a look. It's called Blogwerks.

I've never met Kurt personally (that I know of), but he strikes me as a theologically well-informed layman who loves Christ's Church and is sincerely struggling with some of the issues in his own Lutheran denomination. So pay his blog a visit and say hello.

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1 comment:

Kurt Wall said...

Pr. Stiegemeyer,

I couldn't find an email address for you, so I'm obliged to reply publicly. Thank you! No, we haven't met personally; we can remedy that at your convenience. As for theologically well-informed, I admit to reading widely and will settle for being merely theologically sound. I do indeed love the Lord's Church and mourn for the course the ELCA appears to be taking.

Blessed be,

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