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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Brad Pitt's Anti-Semitic Movie

Well, I don't know that for certain. Let's put it this way, Brad Pitt and Paramount Pictures are set to make a film entitled, The Year of Living Biblically. The stated premise is that the main character determines to follow all the rules of the Old and New Testaments literally (gasp!). I think it's a fair assumption that this is not going to make people like me look good.

Some grouchy unenlightened commentators are saying this is likely to just be another swipe at conservative Christians. Maybe. But if I were an Orthodox Jew, like say, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I'd definitely be paying attention.

I took the Jewish angle because it is considered suave and fashionable to mock conservative Christians. Jews get slightly more respect nowadays. Of course, if you really want to be the darling of Hollywood, go Buddhist or better yet, adopt the religion of Sheila-ism. You remember that woman named Sheila who made up a new religion entirely based around herself. That's what most of us reeeeaaalllyy are anyway, no matter where we sit on Sunday morning (or Saturday or whatever).

It's a free country. Let them make whatever movie they please. But when a film intentionally mocks a major world religion (mine or yours), I would expect outcry. Didn't Voltair once say, "I may not agree with what you say. . . and if I don't you can expect me bust your chops"? I may not have that quote exactly right.

Hey, I'm no stick in the mud. I can appreciate a certain level of irreverent humor. But making fun of God's Word is dangerous.

I read one report that suggested a movie called something like The Year of Living Koran-ly. Like that would ever happen. But it does. Everytime you see one of those blow-em-up action flicks where the bad guys are Islamic terrorists, you are watching a movie about people who try to live according to the Koran literally. Read it, if you don't believe me.

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Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

The Year of Living Koran-ly would likely be shorter than the norm. :)

C.R.B. said...

But didn't our President say that
Islam is a peaceful religion?! I have another suggestion for a movie that would apply to *everyone*: "The Year (and every year after!) of Living in Repentance!"

Kurt Wall said...

If I penned The year of Living Koran-ly I would expect Islamic extremists to declare me persona non grata posthaste.

In the case of Hollywood, it appears to be the case that anything non-Christian is acceptable. Only that which is Christian seems to come in for ridicule and criticism.


JMFjr said...

Well I quite agree with your comment that mocking of God's Holy Word is not wise. I just hope that this movie shows the law in all its furry. I just hope they don't portray the law as something that one can master, as many sermons may lead people to believe. Then you may have an opportunity to use a poor movie to share Christ.

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

JMFjr, You are soooo right. Though I think you meant to say "law in its fury" not "in its furry." Our homiletics professors said we should preach the law in such a way as to terrify the comfortable and the gospel in such a way as to comfort the terrified.

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