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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tips for New Bloggers

I've only been at this new hobby for about two months and have recently stumbled across several blog sites full of helpful hints. So if you are just starting out, give these a peek:

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idarknight said...

Thanks, I'm cooking up a how/why/where to for work on blogging and I found your post here. The links are all pretty solid for the basics. It's cool how blogs teacher about blogging (though not like other media don't do similar self iterative teaching).

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prying1 said...

Good post - thanks for the links. I learned something already. I'm doing somethings right. Hooray for me. And for you too. Good site you have going.

SatishTalim said...

Good post. Very helpful. Thanks.

Harvey said...

Just wanted to say I'm flattered to be included on the list o' helpfulness, and I've added you to my Groupies blogroll :-)

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