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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Major Blog Milestone

Yesterday, I crossed the 10 thousand point in blog visits. More than 10 thousand in almost exactly three months. According to my stat counter, I currently get an average of around 100 unique visitors each day. That has been slowly on the increase. The only other pattern I have noticed is that my traffic usually drop significantly on Saturdays and Sundays. Thanks for reading and keep coming back!

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thebossman said...


You seem to have the same problem as me though. Lots of visitors, but not many comments? Any ideas on how to change that and get your readers to interact more with your blog?

Preachrboy said...

well turning the comments back on is a good first step!

ghp said...

10K in 3 months! That's pretty impressive -- I'm jealous since I've only gotten almost 4200 in 9 months. But, at least I *am* up to being a "Slithering Reptile" in the TTLB Ecosystem! ;-)

Whenever I start to worry too much about traffic/hits/comments/etc., though, I force myself to remember that popularity isn't the reason I started blogging -- I just wanted a place to blow off some steam, along with enjoying the whole process of running & tinkering with the blog publishing software.

But traffic & acknowledgement sure is nice! ;-)


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