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Friday, June 17, 2005

Jesus Christ is Lord... or is He?

Not if you belong to the United Church of Christ, apparantly. The UCC (sometimes facetiously called Unitarians Considering Christ) is about to debate a resolution on this very matter.

For two millenia, whatever Christians may have disagreed on, everyone would have at least been willing to say that Jesus is Lord. Some "conservative" UCC pastors have submitted a resolution to their July denominational meeting which affirms this traditional bedrock belief and requires all clergy to accept it. This may seem like a no-brainer to you and me, but some observers say they think the measure will fail.

This boils down to whether the clergy in the UCC believe that Jesus is God or not. Apparantly many of them do not.

See here for details.

Russell Moore over at Mere Comments summed it up eloquently: Still, it is sad to know that in the United Church of Christ Arius would be considered a moderate.

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Preachrboy said...

Is this the SAME UCC with which the ELCA is in full altar and pulpit fellowship? The reason being, that they > > basically < < believe the same things?

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

I believe it is the very same.

Petersen said...

Youch! This reminds me of eating lunch recently with my grandmother. Their Methodist church has a fairly new pastor. She said, "He preaches from the Bible. We really like that." Afterwards, Jacqui were wondering what was the option. For all the problems in the LCMS, wby the Grace of God, we still have an abundance of the Truth.


Rocky Moore said...

While browsing by via BlogExplosion, I saw the title and it reminded me of something I heard a few years ago that I was told, a minister's son said to him:

"No one can say no Lord, if you say 'no' He is not Lord".

I know this is about the deity of Jesus, but I thought I would share quickly..

Preachrboy said...


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