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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What Else is Out There?

Since I am new to blogging, I have been amazed by some of the awesome Lutheran blogs that are out there. I encourage you to check out the links I post to the right. But here are a few recent highlights:

  • Pastor Tom Chryst in Racine, WI over at Preachrblog posts some very edifying sermons and original hymns he has written. I keep meaning to ask his permission to use his hymns in our worship service here. And he said some nice things about the Burr.

  • Seminarian Steve Parks over at Sceleratissimus Lutheranus has been writing some interesting things about Mormonism.

  • Pastor Jack Kozak from Akron, OH has a very cleverly titled blog: Pastor Kozak. I giggled furiously reading his "Latin You Can Use."
There's a ton more cool stuff out there in the Lutheran Blogosphere; I recommend you "do something while you're doing nothing" and check it out.

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Preachrboy said...

Use away. I do the whole copyright thing since I may collect them all and try to get 'em published someday, somewhere, somehow...

The idea is to do the whole 3 year cycle using borrowed tunes. Of course, with the new hymnal coming out, the timing is a bit poor. But they are also very helpful in sermon preparation. Writing a hymn really makes you boil down the "essence" of a text. At least, that's the way I try to do it.

I have been meaning include the "rational" for my hymns on the Hymn Index blog... maybe soon I'll get to that.

Michael P. O'Connor said...

define a lutheran blog, is it a blog about lutheran stuff, or blogs by a Lutheran? I found one at it is intersting.

ghp said...

Nice blogsite you've got here, Rev. Stiegemeyer. And it's quite impressive just how much traffic you've generated in the short time you've been online!

There's a thriving orthodox Lutheran community in the blogosphere, and I'm glad to see that you've thrown your hat into the ring -- I look forward to reading your posts.

If you get the chance, please feel free to come over & check out my blog, Territorial Bloggings -- I've been in a bit of a theological dry spell of late, which (I hope) explains the recent preponderance of American Idol commentary... ;-)


ThePittsburghCalvinist said...

Nice site, Pastor Scott...very good, thogh-provoking articles...I will certainly be recommending others come here over at my own blog:


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