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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Killing For God, Yon Writes

Michael Yon is a journalist travelling with American soldiers in Iraq. You should click here to read what he writes about the Muslims who are intentionally killing Iraqi children and using them as shields and doing it in the name of their false god. Jesus talked about men who would do evil and think they were doing God a favor. Their god is the devil.

Yon also writes how the children in Iraq LOVE the American soldiers. He says that they come running filled with excitement when they hear the tanks rumbling the same way American children run when they hear the bell of the neighborhood ice cream man. And the soldiers are sadly forced to tell the children to stay back. Why? Because the evil ones they are fighting use the children as shields and have killed many.

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1 comment:

Lauri said...

'Tis true that the Iraqi children love the American soldiers. 'Tis because these soldiers care for them. Like the son of my brother's friend, they give the children the toys and good things sent in care packages from home. They love them like no one has. Yes, these care packages are for the Iraqi children not our own sons and daughters. This particular dedicated soldier was killed when insurrgents were "playing dead" and he instinctively approached them to check for life. How sad!

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