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Friday, April 15, 2005

Marty "Martyr" Minto

The media has been reporting, or at least implying, that WORD-FM talk show host Marty Minto was specifically fired because he questioned the eternal whereabouts of the pope. I believe this to be sensationalistic. I was not a huge fan of his show, but I wish him only the best. As a pastor I believe it is vital that we understand the important doctrinal distinctions which sadly divide the church today. So I support any Christian who is able to appreciate those distinctions. Glossing over the truth for the sake of "getting along" is not ultimately helping anyone. But In the interest of accuracy, we should hesitate to latch on to everything we hear on the TV. Below is the press release issued today by the General Manager of WORD-FM.

PITTSBURGH, APRIL 14, 2005 -- The decision to release Mr. Marty Minto was made well before the death of the Pope was in the news. He was released because he was unnecessarily alienating our audience.

Through 101.5 WORD FM, we want to provide our audience with radio that is uplifting, redemptive and honoring of our listeners’ values. This theme runs through our national ministry programs and should be reflected in our locally produced shows as well.
Mr. Minto’s show did not fulfill that need for our audience.

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1 comment:

Funky Dung said...

The media aren't the worst culprits. James White and Eric Svendsen seem ready to start a jihad on his behalf. They're not alone, either. It seems every half-cocked Romophobe is coming out of the woodwork to root for Marty.

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