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Monday, April 25, 2005

Hitler Youth? God's Rottweiler?

There she goes again. Maureen Dowd, in her April 20th opinion piece in the NY Times, uses the buckshot approach. Can someone tell me what her column is about? I guess if you can't decide whom to criticize today, just blast 'em all. She decided to use her latest entry to slam Pope Benedict again (Bunnie Diehl has a response to Dowd's latest mischief), but I want to look at two particular comments she made last week. My thanks to Mere Comments for bringing this to my attention.

I know Dowd is not the first or only person to point out that Joseph Ratzinger belonged to the Hitler Youth organization as a child. But tell me, what's the purpose of repeating that historical tidbit? Yes, it's accurate. But why keep bringing it up if not to imply that the new Pope is a nazi at heart. How would you like to be judged for everything you did when you were fourteen years old? It's never mentioned that Ratzinger's family were anti-nazi, that all the youth were compelled to join, and that young Joseph eventually went AWOL from the Third Reich's paramilitary.

But I still resent the not-so-subtle implication that the new pope is nazi-ish just because he's a conservative. Having been personally called a nazi myself by the pro-abortionists (smell the irony?) who came to counter-protest a pro-life march I once attended, I can tell you it doesn't feel too good.

People like Dowd keep bringing up his Hitler Youth involvement as a way to smear mud on his name. Nothing more. In the interest of being fair and balanced, I'd like to point out the the Anti-Defamation League graciously applauds the choice of Ratzinger as pope. They state: "We welcome the new Papacy of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger." And add, "Having lived through World War II, Cardinal Ratzinger has great sensitivity to Jewish history and the Holocaust. He has shown this sensitivity countless times, in meetings with Jewish leadership and in important statements condemning anti-Semitism and expressing profound sorrow for the Holocaust." But maybe the ADL is really part of that vast right-wing conspiracy.

Possibly the weirdest label I keep hearing is that Ratzinger is "God's Rottweiler." This is meant to be a put-down, I suppose. This stems from his years as John Paul's chief doctrinal guardian when he didn't shrink from disciplining errant priests. He told American bishops that they should not give communion to pro-choice Catholic politicians. And for this, he is called "God's Rottweiler." I understand that the anything goes crowd will resent the new pope for taking firm moral and doctrinal stands, but don't you think if God has a Rottweiler, you'd best pay attention? Dowd doesn't really think Ratzinger is God's Rottweiler. Anyone who would belittle or mock God's Rottweiler deserves to get bit, or at least barked at. Actually, I think she was just taking the Lord's name in vain.

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Preachrboy said...

My neighbor, a lawyer, had an interesting insight during our last local election for judge. She said that prosecutors who become judges often tend to go softer on criminals, and defense attorneys who become judges are tougher. Why? Something to prove, she supposed. I wonder if the new pope will be tempted to "prove" anything to all these anti-doctrinal detractors. It will be interesting to watch.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, weren't the Nazis the ones who were killing innocent people and that is why we were fighting them? Isn't pro-life just the opposite of the ideals the Nazis espoused? So who is the real Nazis the one in favor of ending human life for convenience or because it is perceived as a drain on society, or the one who is opposed to taking human life because we are created in God's image. Just a thought, Mr. Fox.

Anonymous said...

The Mr. Fox in the previous post was an obscure reference to a cute children’s book “This must be my lucky day” and not addressed to Mr. Abraham Foxman of the Anti-defamation league.

bschneider5 said...

Nice blog!!! Bradsblog

Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

Thanks Brad. Keep tuning in.

Bob Waters said...

Pope Benedict, of course, was forced to join the Hitler Youth, quit as soon as he could- and came from a family of anti-Nazis.

These things, of course, are simply ignored by those engaged in slandering him.

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