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Friday, March 25, 2005

The Angel's Message to Mary

As you may know, today is not only Good Friday, but March 25 is the day of the Annunciation. Pastor Paul McCain has made some excellent observations along this line on his blog. I think it is intriguing to consider the meaning of this. The angel told the Virgin that she would be with child and she conceived by the power of God. On the very day when we recall that our God was made flesh for us, we also ponder that He offered that very flesh and blood as the perfect atoning sacrifice to reconcile God and man. We worship a man, a real flesh and bone male human being, with a mom, and He bled and suffered and even died. As I think C.S. Lewis noted, it is no big surprise that Christ rose on Easter morn. What else would the Lord of Life do? The true mind-boggler is that He died.

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